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Dia de la Glitch

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Dia de la Glitch is an all-in-one Ableton Live Pack and Reason ReFill solution for anyone who makes music in the genres of glitch, downtempo, ambient, future, trip hop, IDM, experimental, industrial, and more.  With dozens of original drum kits, brutal-to-smooth basses, cutting leads, and beautiful-to-terrifying pads you can spend days just exploring the patches in this massive bundle and not hit the bottom.

In addition to the instrument patches there are also over 200 loop files that contain an "original" source file with 7 variations of each to serve as a jumping off point for your own glitchy tracks.  Check out our demo videos for a better idea of what we're talking about.  You can hear several audio examples here.

Dia de la Glitch comes in three flavors:

1. The Suite (for Reason or Ableton)  150 patches (including 30+ Drum Kits, dozens of basses, over 30 leads, 4 dozen polyphonic instruments and over 30 pads) plus over 200 loops in REX or WAV format.   Compatible with Ableton (9.7 or later) and Reason (5 or later). ($49 USD)

2. Loops Edition - Over 200 loops, song starters, and variations to slate your thirst for all things glitch.  Loops come in wave format and are compatible with all DAW's. ($18 USD)

3. Drums Only Edition - 32 Drum Kits all in WAV format.  Compatible with all DAWs. ($9 USD)

This product is not currently for sale.

Dia de la Glitch

0 ratings