The Everything Bundle

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Are you looking for new audio worlds to explore?  

Does your music need some new flavor?

The Everything Bundle is for you.

With a whopping 14 GB of files, you can spend days exploring all the sounds contained within these 18 bundles.  Loops, basses, leads, pads, drums, and more - the Everything Bundle contains all pay and all free products from Zombie Fights Shark in all available formats.

Includes the following:

The Factory - Suite (Reason, Kontakt, & Ableton)

The Factory - Loops & Hits (All DAWs)

Mecanique (Reason & Ableton)

Dia de la Glitch (Reason & Ableton Only)

Dia de la Glitch (Loops and Drums Editions)

Prepared  (Reason & Ableton)

Wonka (Reason Only)

The Submarine  (Reason & Ableton)

DR-202, Dr. Groove (All DAWs)

It's Just Noise! (Ableton Only)

Malström Fights Zombie (Reason Only)

VGER (Ableton Only)

60 Teenage Engineering Drum Kits (REX format)

Three Planters (Reason & Ableton)

Hohner Organetta (Kontakt, Reason, Ableton)

Juno to Jupiter (Ableton Only)

Bass & Drums (Reason & Ableton)

Dying Casio (Kontakt, Ableton, Reason)

60,000 FM8 Patches (Native Instruments FM8 Only)

Less is More (Reason Only)

PSR48 (Kontakt, Ableton, Soundfont, Reason)

PT-82 (Classic 80's Casio keyboard)

Total value is over $300 US.  

This product is not currently for sale.

Includes: The Factory - Suite (all versions), The Submarine (Ableton, Reason, Kontakt), DR202, Mecanique, Dia de la Glitch, Prepared Piano, Wonka, and all free products bundled together

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The Everything Bundle

4 ratings