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Released around 1990, the Yamaha PSR48 had a ton of bells and whistles for a “home studio” keyboard. A friend of mine actually had one of these and it got treated… well, let’s just say that it didn’t make it to the 21st century.

We were all blown away by how the sounds were back in the day and everyone wanted to have a turn at messing with it. When I recently saw one of these leaning against the wall at a friend’s house I knew that it had to be my next project. It was a little bit of work with 100 patches to sample, plus 30 drum sounds, but it was worth it. It’s a great trip down memory lane for me and it’s 12-bit samples will add some authenticity to your “retro” tunes. Seriously though, some of the patches are pretty sweet. I didn’t think I’d come away from it with anything more than a good feeling for a job well-done, but it turned out that Yamaha was rocking some bitchin’ sounds. Wish I’d been able to sample the accompaniment, but those are the intellectual property of the fine folks at Yamaha. You do get 100 chances to relive the 90’s and can do it within your DAW of choice.

Audio Samples on SoundCloud

Video Playlist on YouTube

PSR48 is available in the following formats:

Reason ReFill

Ableton Live Pack

sxt (Kontakt, Reason)

sf2/soundfont (FL Studio, Logic, ProTools)

sfz/Camel Audio (Any DAW with VST)

wav (accessible via sxt folders)

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