The Factory (PO-16 Sound Bank)

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What is The Factory?

The Factory is a Patch Library built from samples of Teenage Engineering's PO-16 pocket operator... Hundreds of samples.  We love our PO-16, but don't find it very practical for the majority of our music-making, so we made The Factory.

Make no mistake - it is no substitute for the PO-16... that little animal is one of a kind.  What it is instead is a bundle of unique sounds, drums, and loops that will stimulate your creativity and help you create that lo-fi master piece you've been dreaming of. 

In addition to sampling nearly every single note the PO-16 can make (with knob variations) we've put together a bundle of multi-instruments for Kontakt, combinators and Kongs for Reason,and Racks for Ableton that will REALLY get your creativity flowing (one more thing you could never do with the actual device).

Lastly, are you a loop person?  We got you covered with over 400 loops to kick start your imagination, or help you create a song from beginning to end with multiple sections and variations (21 song starters all together).

Clock in and get to work.

The Factory comes in three flavors: Loops & Hits, Patches, and Suite.

The Loops & Hits has over 400 loops and hits in wav format ($19).

The Patches Edition is just the Ableton, Reason, or Kontakt patches ($29). 

The Suite is all of the above, the Reason loops are in Rex format ($39).

Suite size: 1.8 - 2.0 GB (depending on DAW)

Loops and Hits size: 158 MB

Created for Reason 6 and up, Ableton 9.5, Kontakt 5.5

Check out audio samples here.


Video of all the Reason Combinators

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The Factory (PO-16 Sound Bank)

0 ratings